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Who are we

We are a company that creates tools and technology in the field of human development.

We use nature as a source of inspiration for the creation of innovative and creative solutions.

We discover the behavior of people and their motivations in decision making according to biology and the irrational or intuitive system that we usually call unconscious.

What do we do?

We work with human emotions by making the unconscious conscious.

We seek to develop true excellence through the purpose of each person. With the Impronta-Vital platform we make business diagnostics in the HR area to achieve better performance and maximize the potential of each person. Once the test has been applied, we can work on aspects such as:

  1. Developing each person’s full potential within existing roles.
  2. Identifying the ideal role for employees.
  3. Rotational cause analysis.
  4. Planning of programs to improve talent development.
  5. Building effective work teams.
  6. Improve job satisfaction.
  7. Analysis of organizational culture.
  8. Analysis and improvement of human resources area.
  9. Leadership development.
  10. Improved efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment.
About our Technology

Our technology is based on the synthesis of studies in evolutionary biology, psychology, mental maps, mirror neurons and semantic association networks. This synthesis allows us to identify 12 archetypes of existing movements in nature, and each movement is represented by an animal. Our algorithm equates characteristics of people with these animals for an intuitive understanding of brain functioning and our purpose. The purpose, as scientifically proven, is simply to do something for which we have a natural facility.

How the Vital-Imprint test works

Vital-Imprint is a test that reveals how the brain actively searches for information and processes it to make decisions. Once you have taken the test the platform allows us to understand people’s behaviour, trends, abilities and motivations. It is used by companies, groups or individuals to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources.

With a single tool we can meet different needs depending on what the company or entity is looking for.

Why animals?

Animals as archetypes represent qualities associated with the biological movement of living beings that are understood by human beings, intuitively and automatically because it is in our DNA.

For example, the archetype of a leader is a Lion and the archetype of a strategist is the Hawk and we naturally know this when we look at the way they move, it has been millions of years of evolution training us to understand body behavior or biological movement.

This corporal behavior, we translate it into emotion and then into an idea and Tuuls facilitates this process.

With this understanding we achieve a very deep and incredibly emotional understanding of phenomena, which is equivalent to motivation to mobilize effectively and obtain the power that knowledge gives.

Why work with us?

Because we use a powerful tool that integrates different areas of complex knowledge transformed into a simple language that you will understand intuitively.

What makes us really different is that by using our tools, you will be able to understand and maximize all the development potential that is hidden in your brain. You will have at your disposal the best knowledge of yourself and your collaborators, as well as an incredible motivational system to achieve changes in a fast and forceful way.

We work with emotions and power to generate real social impact.