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Use Your Brain’s Potential to the Max

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an SME or a multinational, the most important thing you have is your human capital. Tuuls is a virtual platform for talent management. Through its Impronta-Vital test, we teach you how to use the maximum potential of the human brain to successfully develop what you have always dreamed of. Discover your preferred brain processing mode and that of your group to form successful work ecosystems.


We developed a technological model supported by scientific discoveries.


We strategically use the mechanisms of empathy.


We understand human behavior based on emotions.


We explain your idea, company or project in the form of animal archetypes.


We study nature as a source of inspiration.


We study the changes of living beings over time

We make the unconscious conscious

We are a company that creates tools and technology in the field of human development.

We use nature as a source of inspiration for the creation of innovative and creative solutions. We discover the behavior of people and their motivations in decision making according to biology and the irrational or intuitive system that we usually call unconscious.


Emotions are power

They are the motivational component necessary to produce any human behavior.

In neuroscience it is known that intelligence without emotion does not produce behavior.

If you know the emotional world of people you know how they make their decisions.

Did you know that....

People's emotional world is the result of unconsciously processed data.

And You...

What do you think is the % of data we consciously process?

Only 5 to 10%.

What about the remaining 90% to 95% of the information we process, how could we use that 95% of information to our advantage?

We have developed a platform

that allows us to access unconscious information through a proprietary synthesis of studies in different areas of knowledge like: Psychology, evolutionary biology, mirror neurons and semantic network associations.

Our Pillars

Social Impact
Improvement and human development

We define social impact as the increased job satisfaction experienced by our users when using our tools. Studies show that job satisfaction leads to a better quality of life and better performance in all areas, both personal and work.

Try something different

We are the only company on the market that has managed to develop a technological model that allows us to understand brain preference in decision making, natural abilities and trends through knowledge in evolutionary biology, purpose psychology and neuroscience.

Find out now!

We help to identify the purpose of the individual. True excellence only occurs when one is aligned with its purpose. Therefore, our tool enables people to achieve success by developing their full potential.

Would you like to discover your purpose?

Find out now through the Vital- Imprint test


The 12 biological programmes


Did you know that…. Owls can turn their heads at 270°.


Did you know that…? The swan is the most commonly used archetype to represent luxury brands?


Did you know that…? The snake periodically moulds its skin which symbolizes rejuvenation and is a symbol of medicine.


Did you know that…? It is the archetype most used in ancient times to represent royalty.


Did you know that…? The jaguar in ancient cultures represents the emotions and water


Did you know that…? Ferrari, took the logo of a horse painted on the fuselage of Count Francesco Baracca, an elite pilot of the Italian Air Force and a hero of the First World War


Did you know…? The peregrine falcon can fly at over 300 km/h


Did you know that…? There is a legend that tells that the Koi fish manage to swim

up stream to the waterfall and climb it. When they arrive, they were transformed into dragons as a reward for their efforts .


Did you know…? He has a great sense of smell. When he flies he can smell a corpse on the ground.


Did you know…? It’s the smallest bird in the world.


Did you know that…? The archetype of the bear is associated with the conqueror.


Did you know that…? Scientists have discovered that humpback whales sing songs that follow the rules of pop music.

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